Ultimate eBook Creator

You can create eBooks and print books for Amazon Kindle (KDP), iPad or Android. You can create fiction, poetry, non-fiction, fixed layout, and comic eBooks in MOBI and EPUB formats.

Fiction, Non-Fiction, Fixed Layout, Low Content eBooks

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Requirements for the Sys​tem
Microsoft Windows – Win XP VISTA, Win 7, Win 8 Win 8.1 Win 10, Win 10.
Mac users must have a Windows emulator installed on their Mac computers such as Parallels.

Built-in Pro Editor, MS Word
Change fonts, paragraph styles and justify.
Multi-Language Spell Checker – over 80 languages.
User Interface for English and German Languages.
Auto formats and generates the Table of Contents.
Import a manuscript into Microsoft Word documents, PDF or UEC Projects.
Insert content, images, MS Word documents.
Insert web links to external websites.
Insert bookmarks and link to bookmarks.
Include audio and video in your eBook.
Create Interactive eBooks.
Standalone Pro Editor for Physical Books – Amazon Createspace.

eBook Generator
You can export your eBook to the following file formats:- 
Amazon MoBI
EPUB (validated to the specifications by: International Digital Publishing Forum).
PDF With Clickable Table Of Contents.
Microsoft Word Document (doc, Docx) with Clickable Table Of Contents.

MS Word Conversion Tools
Your MS Word manuscript can be converted to:

PDF Conversion Tools
Convert your PDF manuscript into:
Protect your PDF Password
Conversion from EPUB to PDF

Features for Writer’s 
You can organize your book plots, ideas into unlimited sub-categories and categories as deep and broad as you like.
Outline your ideas and take notes – similar to Scrivener.
Import 1000s of articles and other content (Text and images).
Search for your content and plots within seconds – both simple and advanced searches.
Built security to protect your content.
Password to protect each article or content.

How to self-publish your ebook

Many people dream of becoming authors and want to publish an eBook.

The built-in MS Word style editor allows you to create your eBook entirely from scratch. You can import text, PDF, or MS Word files into ULTIMATE EBOOK CREATOR. Then you can organize your content into chapters or sections and publish your eBook in under 30 minutes, depending on the size of your book.

ULTIMATE EBOOK CREATOR is the best ebook software that you’ll ever use! ULTIMATE EBOOK CREATOR handles all of the complicated formattings and automatically generates your “Table of contents” so you can forget about Formatting! You can create for Kindle (MOBI), EPUB and MS Word. All ebook publishers accept EPUB files, including Smashwords, iBookStore and Barnes and Noble.

How complex is Kindle eBook Formatting?

Did you know that 95% of people who publish eBooks for the Kindle fail to sell a single copy? It is not their content. The author probably spent many hours writing the eBook. Why do they fail? It’s the last step, formatting your eBook!

It isn’t easy to format your ebook in a way that meets the requirements of Amazon KDP. You can search Google for the phrase “Kindle formatting problems” to see my point. Bad Formatting can lead to poor customer experience, and worse, it will place your book on Amazon’s poor-quality radar. They will notify you or remove your eBooks from Amazon KDP. This is why so many eBook formatting companies are available online. Many charges $27 per Month or more. Imagine paying $27 per Month! This is much money. ULTIMATE EBOOK CREATOR is different. ULTIMATE EBOOK CREATOR is a subscription-based service that allows you to pay one time and receive lifetime updates.

ULTIMATE EBOOK CREATOR is very easy to use. ULTIMATE EBOOK CREATOR takes care of the complicated Formatting to concentrate on what you enjoy doing. The Ultimate eBook Creator handles all of the complex XML, XHTML and HTML5 CSS formatting so you can focus on what’s important.

Are You Going to Read the Kindle Publishing Guide

You would need ULTIMATE EBOOK CREATOR to understand and read the hundreds of documentation pages. Fail to do so, and your book could be rejected.

Even if you do it wrong, Amazon will still evaluate your product. If this happens, customers will write bad reviews and request a refund. The worst thing that could happen is a 1-star negative review. I’d instead Amazon reject my book than get a nasty 1-star review. Your sales will be affected by the study. Trust me; I’ve been there.

How to Publish on Kindle

ULTIMATE EBOOK CREATOR makes it easy to publish on Amazon KDP and Smashwords and Lulu.com, Lulu.com, and other platforms that accept EPUB format. It’s almost like painting with numbers! The Ultimate eBook Creator includes a step-by-step guide that shows you how to publish your ULTIMATE EBOOK CREATOR-generated Kindle ebook (in. MOBI format) directly into Kindle. My 16-year-old son was given a project to do this summer. His eBook was completed in just two days using the ULTIMATE EBOOK CREATOR eBook software. It was uploaded to Kindle the following day. If you’re interested, here’s the book. This book alone makes him between $300-$500 per Month!

Amazon KDP Accepts Your Book for the First Time

It is one of the most challenging tasks you will face. You don’t have to believe me. Do a Google search for “iBookStore formatting” to find tons of blogs and stories from people struggling with the iBookStore. Here’s how it works. You upload your book using a service like lulu.com. Your eBook will be validated in 3-4 weeks. Your eBook will be rejected if there are any errors. Here’s the catch. They will not tell you all the mistakes at once. You will then need to fix one error and submit it again. You will then be notified by email within three weeks if your eBook is accepted. You can continue this process until all errors are corrected. PAINFUL!! ULTIMATE EBOOK CREATOR is different. ULTIMATE EBOOK CREATOR customers are so kind to email me and tell me, “Hey, Nitin! My eBook was accepted!” It took me only 4 hours to get my eBook accepted! “.

Publish to iBookstore and Smashwords the First Time Publishing to Amazon can be difficult if you don’t try other platforms. Many customers have told me that ULTIMATE EBOOK CREATOR is the only software that can publish to Apple’s iBookstore. Smashwords.com And LULU.com The first time. ULTIMATE EBOOK CREATOR compiles EPUB files that are 100% valid and validated, so you don’t need to pay for services.

Don’t worry about eBook Formatting!

The good news is that there’s good news. Ultimate eBook Creator handles all of the complicated Formatting of your eBooks. ULTIMATE EBOOK CREATOR creates your eBooks entirely from scratch and generates 100% clean XHTML code – unlike Calibre, which attempts to convert a Microsoft Word file with all the junk formatting hidden characters that makes your eBooks look like c ***!. It would help if you got what I am trying to convey. XHTML code can bloat your eBooks and cause them to look ok. Amazon KDP limits eBooks to 50MB, while other platforms may have a larger limit. If your eBook exceeds this limit, it will be rejected.

Colouring books for adults

ULTIMATE EBOOK CREATOR offers templates that can be used to create adult colouring books. ULTIMATE EBOOK CREATOR provides tools that allow you to bulk insert your images onto multiple pages.

Easy to create an Interactive eBook!

Interactive eBooks are the hottest eBooks. The Ultimate eBook Creator makes it easy to create interactive eBooks. Quiz books, children’s books, puzzle books. You can go on.

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